Help ban painful devices used on circus animals!

A bullhook being used on a baby elephant.

On Thursday, August 6th, the Austin city council will vote on an ordinance to ban the use of bull hooks on elephants in circuses in our city.

Austin for Cruelty Free Entertainment needs you to show up at this meeting to show your support for this ordinance. This is the last hurdle we must pass in our 15-years-long campaign to protect elephants in circuses. You must be there!

What: Rally to Ban the Bull Hook
When: Thursday, August 6th at 10:00 A.M.
Where: Austin City Hall

We’ll have signs and our volunteers will be there to give you instructions how to register your YES vote. Also, wear a green shirt.

You can help us right now by calling all our city council members to ask them to pass a city-wide bull hook ban that protect all elephants in Austin.

You can also email all city council members at once

Mayor Steve Adler: 512-978-2100 – Email

Council Member Sabino Renteria: 512-978-2103 – Email

Council Member Ann Kitchen: 512-978-2105 – Email

Council Member Ellen Troxclair: 512-978-2108 – Email

Council Member Sheri Gallo: 512-978-2110 – Email

Council Member Greg Casar: 512-978-2104 – Email

Council Member Leslie Pool: 512-978-2107 – Email

Council Member Delia Garza: 512-978-2102 – Email

Council Member Kathy Tovo: 512-978-2109 – Email

Council Member Ora Houston: 512-978-2101 – Email

Council Member Don Zimmerman: 512-978-2106 – Email

Here’s an example of what to say or write:

“Hello. My name is _____. I’m calling (writing) to ask Council Member ______________ to support the bull hook ordinance being proposed by Council Member Tovo at the August 6th city council meeting, and to ask for an amendment to include all elephants in Austin. Thank you.”

Austin could join San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, California and multiple cities and countries around the world, by banning the bull hook but we cannot do this without your support.

Updates on this campaign may occur quickly. Sign up for email updates and follow us on Facebook.

Thank you.

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