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Rally to Ban the Bullhook

Thanks to everyone who made the bullhook ban happen!

Austin for Cruelty Free Entertainment would like to thank everyone who contributed to the passing of the bullhook ban here in Austin. We’d like to thank all those who spoke, and all those who showed up, who held a sign, and who showed the city council that Austin cares about this issue. We’d also like the thank the Austin city council members themselves, and we’d like you to do so as well. We flooded their inboxes and voicemails asking them to support the ban on bullhooks, now let’s flood our Mayor’s and City Council’s inboxes and voicemails thanking them for...

A bullhook being used on a baby elephant.

Help ban painful devices used on circus animals!

On Thursday, August 6th, the Austin city council will vote on an ordinance to ban the use of bull hooks on elephants in circuses in our city. Austin for Cruelty Free Entertainment needs you to show up at this meeting to show your support for this ordinance. This is the last hurdle we must pass in our 15-years-long campaign to protect elephants in circuses. You must be there! What: Rally to Ban the Bull Hook When: Thursday, August 6th at 10:00 A.M. Where: Austin City Hall We’ll have signs and our volunteers will be there to give you instructions how...