Below are links to articles and other sites related to animal abuse in circuses and other traveling shows.


Ban the Bullhook, HuffPost

“In our cities, we believed it was our responsibility to prevent the abusive treatment of elephants and send a message that the inhumane handling of these majestic animals is never acceptable under any circumstances.”

The mayors of both Los Angeles and Oakland have co-authored a piece on HuffPost about the importance of banning painful devices, specifically bullhooks, used in circuses.

The Bronx Zoo’s Loneliest Elephant, The New York Times

For close to a decade Happy has lived alone, separated from the zoo’s two other elephants. Her solitary existence is quite unlike the life of a wild elephant. In nature, elephants live in closely bonded matriarchal families, which cooperate to raise their young. Females never leave the herd, forming lifelong attachments with siblings, cousins and aunts as well as with their mothers

The New York Times’ in depth article on Happy the elephant, who has been forced to live a solitary life at the Bronx Zoo.

The Cruelest Show on Earth, Mother Jones

“If I were an elephant, I wouldn’t want to be with Feld Entertainment,” admitted a USDA official. “It’s a tough life.”

Mother Jones expose on the plight of elephants in circuses.


These videos contain footage of animal abuse, they are hard to watch, but in order to fight animal abuse we need to be aware of what kind of abuse exists.

The Cruelty of the Bullhook
Shown here are still images and video that show how bullhooks are used to inflict pain and evoke fear during the training and handling of elephants.

No Fun For Elephants
Narrated by Bob Barker, this video produced by Animal Defenders International, shows the wide range of abuse elephants suffer, from training to transport to performing.

Out of Control – Abused Elephants Fighting in US Circus
In one scene the elephants are defying their trainers and fighting, in the next scene, those same elephants are giving rides to children. This is one example of the behind-the-scenes footage in this video, also produced by ADI.

Have Trunk Will Travel elephant abuse
Everything in this video was filmed at Have Trunk Will Travel, of Perris, California. HTWT supplies trained elephants for movies, advertising, personal appearances, elephant rides, fairs & other public appearances.